How Do You Find A Good Financial Adviser?

    By the Regional Sales Director, Friends Provident International March 2016 How do you find a good financial adviser? Ask a friend, search the Internet, check a trade association? Perhaps more fundamentally, do you even need a financial adviser in the first place? Taking that last question first, I think the answer for almost… View Article

Key Financial Benefits You May Be Overlooking: Critical Illness Insurance

Wanting to preserve a secured future is a need, not a must. On the same note, critical illness insurance can truly be a game changer in many areas so you should know how to tackle these issues. Safeguarding your family’s lifestyle against financial loss in normal conditions or in the event the unexpected occurs requires… View Article

5 Reasons On Why You Need Life Insurance

You buy life insurance because it is the best way to protect your loved ones. It is a very important financial as well as an emotional decision. It is about love and caring about your loved one’s future Millions of people buy life insurance for reasons that are often difficult to express. At the same… View Article

The Price of an Education

Many parents are kept awake at night, not by the cries of a new-born but by the dawning reality of the costs that they now face.  If diapers are stretching the monthly budget, imagine what university will do!  When faced with invoices for tuition fees, many a parent has fleetingly wished that all four of… View Article