Singapore Employment Pass – Difficulties and Challenges

The Singapore Employment Pass (EP) is a work visa that allows foreign professionals with an opportunity to work in Singapore in certain specialized, managerial or executive positions. Generally speaking, it is one of the 3 types of professional work passes where employers are not required to hire any local staff before the Singapore Employment Pass visa can be… View Article

Taxation in South Africa

Your guide to taxation in South Africa As an expatriate, your financial plans will need to be flexible enough to meet changes in your lifestyle, such as becoming tax resident in South Africa. Careful planning can help you boost your finances by preventing tax from eroding your savings and investments unnecessarily, but it does not… View Article

Education Funding

Securing your children’s education Education can be expensive in any country that has a reputation for excellence. So whether your children choose to study in the UK, US or Australia, or go to university back home, long-term financial planning is important. You will want to consider all the implications and costs up front, as a… View Article

Retirement Planning

Securing Your Future If you start saving for your future now, your retirement plans could have the time they need to flourish. You would also have a better chance of achieving the retirement you deserve. If you wait too long, you may find the cost of securing a comfortable retirement becomes out of reach. Your… View Article