How To Find a Good Financial Planner

  Talking about your personal finances and swapping ideas about budgeting and investing with friends is one thing, but in many cases getting professional help makes a great deal of sense. Not that you should get excited and think that a financial planner will solve all your troubles by offering you some get-rich-quick scheme. Indeed,… View Article

How To Teach Your Teens to Become Financially Independent

7 money lessons all high school kids should know by the time they graduate. Hopefully you teach your kids good manners, positive values, and how to eat a healthy diet. But do you teach them about achieving financial security? Do you actually know what to tell them about money? Recently I had the chance to sit down… View Article

One in Four Breadwinners Don’t Have Life Insurance Leaving their Families With a Cover Gap of £263 billion

One in four breadwinners in the UK do not have a life insurance policy in place potentially leaving their families open to financial problems if they died. This equates to almost 8.5 million people in the UK and with average life insurance payouts of £31,000 per person, according to the Association of British Insurers, there… View Article

The Average Retirement Savings by Age for 2016

Are you behind on saving for retirement? Even if you don’t know what counts as “behind,” you’re likely to need to step up your efforts to build your nest egg. A June 2015 Government Accountability Office analysis found that that average Americans between the ages of 55 and 64 have accrued about $104,000 in retirement savings…. View Article