1 in 3 Americans Have $0 Saved for Retirement

Saving for retirement is not an area of financial strength for Americans. Too often, meeting the financial demands of today means delaying, diminishing or simply never starting to save for tomorrow. “There are plenty of obstacles Americans claim are in their way when it comes to saving for retirement: credit card debt, student loan debt, low wages, the need… View Article

Succession Planning

Passing on your wealth to your loved ones Putting financial plans in place will mean that you are able to pass on your assets to your chosen beneficiaries. Your financial adviser can help ensure this happens according to your wishes and as efficiently as possible, while also ensuring that the quality of your life in… View Article

Returning To The UK

Your guide to taxation As an expatriate, your financial plans will need to be flexible enough to meet changes in your lifestyle, such as becoming tax resident in the UK. Careful planning can help you boost your finances by preventing tax eroding your savings and investments unnecessarily, but does not need to be complex. When… View Article

I’ll Never Be Able To Retire

I read an article last week about how many folks believe “I’ll Never Be Able To Retire”.  The topic’s been stuck inside my head ever since, so I decided to do some research. How bad is it, really? Today, I’ll present what I’ve found. Google ‘I’ll Never Be Able To Retire’, and you’ll get 26 Million hits!CLICK… View Article

Education Funding

Securing your children’s education Education can be expensive in any country that has a reputation for excellence. So whether your children choose to study back home or go to university outside of the UK, long-term financial planning is important. The total cost of going to university can be over GBP 100,000, even in the UK… View Article