Active Management in Volatile Markets

There are many examples of why active management of your stock portfolio puts you in better stead than leaving your financial future in the hands of an automated system, which while it may be able to calculate forecasts cannot execute damage control to circumvent certain losses. America’s stock market activity has a ripple effect on… View Article

Here’s How Much It Will Cost You to Live to 100

Actor Kirk Douglas, of “Champion” and “Lust for Life” fame, recently turned 100 years old. If you’re likely to surpass the average American’s life expectancy of 79 years old and live to be 100 like Douglas, you’ll need to prepare for it. One retirement planning rule of thumb is that you need about 80 percent… View Article

Importance of Investment Diversification

There are two things that affect everybody, death and taxes. Both are inevitable in your lifetime and this inescapability is something you have no control over. In the investment world, the equivalent of ‘death and taxes’ translates to become ‘inflation and economic sentiment’, the components that make up the systematic or market risk. There is… View Article

I know what you are thinking

I know how you think when it comes to considering the need for insurance against a serious illness “I have no family history of cancer or heart disease.” “I’m in good shape now and lead a relatively healthy lifestyle.” “I know people can be struck down with a severe illness but it won’t happen to… View Article