The Price of an Education

Many parents are kept awake at night, not by the cries of a new-born but by the dawning reality of the costs that they now face. If diapers are stretching the monthly budget, imagine what university will do! When faced with invoices for tuition fees, many a parent has fleetingly wished that all four of… View Article

Protecting Your Loved Ones

The most common form of insurance, and the one with which we are most likely to deal on a regular basis is, of course, Health Insurance.  Even when our home countries provide a basic level of “free” medical care, many of us choose to supplement this with additional private insurance.  This means the freedom to… View Article

8th Wonder Of The World – Learn How To Earn More

Sound financial planning is no longer the province of the rich and famous, but a vital part of ensuring your future success and happiness.   If you are among those lecturing your friends on why they should start a college fund if their children are not to be doomed to jobs requiring a hair net and… View Article

Planning For Your Goals

If you fell asleep last night drafting your Nobel Prize acceptance speech or pondered who to thank for your Oscar win as you lay in the bath, you are most certainly not alone.  Fantasy Grammies are awarded to the tone deaf with alarming regularity. That’s the thing about daydreams; regardless of talent, circumstances or even… View Article

 The Bare Necessities

Explaining our lives as expats in Singapore can often be a tricky subject with the folks back home! Not only are many of our experiences hard to comprehend but tales of weekends away to exotic sounding locations, sending the children to a private school or employing domestic staff can make it sound as if we’ve… View Article

Managing Capital

Do you remember that feeling when, as a child, you took your $1 allowance to the Sweet Shop? The sense of excitement as you debated the merits of gobstoppers, sherbet lemons or defying your mother’s ban on gum after she had to cut off yet more chunks of your hair, was for most of us… View Article

10 Common Misconceptions About Expatriate Financial Planning

Not everyone who speaks with a Financial Advisor will become a client.  Even those who recognise the need for financial planning may decide not to go ahead for uniquely personal reasons such as timing or current financial obligations.  Professional Advisors accept such decisions readily and are always happy to provide advice, without obligation, for future… View Article

Why Engage A Financial Consultant?

“Will I have enough for the lifestyle I want when I retire?” “College costs are frightening!  Will I be able to afford that for my kids?” “Exchange rates seem to be all over the place!  How can I protect myself?” “What if the markets crash?  Will I lose everything?” “He earns about the same as… View Article